I’ll be better!: State of the Blog #2

I’ll be better!: State of the Blog #2

Holy shit guys.

So I would just say I’m sorry, but the only excuse I have is that life sucks and there ain’t enough lemonade. So where do I start? I guess the beginning might work.

After my last post back in LAST MAY (geez, I need to stop doing that), I ended up having to quit one of my jobs because the other promised me more hours. I got shafted, so had to look for something else. Out of desperation I took a position that I did before and absolutely hated, but thought maybe it would be better. Nope. In fact, it was a lot worse. In fact, it was so bad that I found myself dreading going to work every day. It was so bad that I had anxiety attacks at least 3 times a month. It was so bad that the last thing on my mind was writing, playing video games, anything that made me happy. I was miserable, and I needed to get out, like yesterday. Finally, I did last month, and I’m doing much better. I have a clear mind to start writing again.

I started on my main project, and now I’m moving on to this one.

The state of the blog

As I said, I pretty much stopped playing games because they were fun. I played them, yes, but it was more or less to try and keep anxiety at bay rather than enjoyment. I did have some fun playing and in some cases completing games; Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 13-2 were completed in this time frame. But I had this thought in the back of my head, even on my days off, knowing that I had to go back to a job that I hated. Essentially, I didn’t write nor game with a clear mind. Now that I do, I can focus on at least the writing aspect. So that’s where this comes in.

I have a lot of games that I still haven’t finished (or even bought and didn’t start yet *looks at Final Fantasy X/X-2*), and I still play Final Fantasy XIV on a somewhat regular basis (not subbed at the moment). However, I have a tendency to not play just one game, and I’ve retired from all but one MMO. I love playing MMO’s, but other than FFXIV, I haven’t found another that drew me in. So basically all I’m asking is if you folks have any games that you think I’d like to try out, let me know! Oh, and we did manage to get our hands on a Nintendo Switch, so there’s that!

All in all…

I can’t guarantee that this will be updated uber often. However, I can guarantee that it won’t be another year before I update again! With my nights, holidays, and weekends free (!!!) I have all the damn time in the world. Here’s a takeaway from all this: money isn’t the end-all. Yes, it’s great for paying bills and getting new games and what not, but when it starts fucking with your mental health, it may be time to step back and reevaluate things. Had I not done it when I did, I probably would have found myself in the hospital due to stress. It was not worth it. Yes, I took a pay cut, but I’m better for it now. I also have a kid who needs her mom for as long as she can have her. Stay awesome!

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